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Chat and Forum Help
Chat and Forum Smiley's
These guidelines are aimed to provide a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment, and to be in keeping with current legislation.
  • No bad language, actual or implied with punctuation.
  • No remarks that could be seen by anyone as insulting, either, because of their race, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Please use uppercase sparingly. It is considered to be the equivalent of SHOUTING and detracts from the readability of your thread.
    It also makes you look like a Tabloid Journalist !
  • I lf something offends you - do not reply - contact Email webmaster
    Do not add to disruptive threads, it only encourages 'trolls'.
    See Excellent article on dealing with Internet Trolls here
Any postings infringing these guidelines, or otherwise disrupting the forum, are liable to moderation, locking or deletion at the administrators discretion, without notice.
The administrators decision is final.
Rule of Thumb!
If you would not like something to be said about you, or someone you love,
it probably shouldn't be said!

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Chat and Forum Hints

  • Please use a valid email address for forum and chat facilities at all times (your address will never be revealed without your consent - AOL users please remember to add the '' to your user name)

  • If you use a Spam Filter, please remember to allow mail from
    We will not send you unwanted emails - but may need to get in touch

  • Although it may sometimes be necessary for people to logout of the chat room almost immediately as something has cropped up, it would help a lot if after announcing their departure 'chatters' would wait a few moments perhaps 20 to 30, seconds or so to allow anyone else in the room to say goodbye

  • Hyperlinks
    The Forum,Chat Room and Seed Swap will accept hyperlinks provided the web address posted contains the 'http://' portion of the URL.
    To ensure the hyperlink is activated, it is best to post it on a separate line from other text, or ensure there is a blank space at the begining and end of the URL.
    URL's are best copied from your browser address bar by selecting the text (by double clicking), then right clicking the selected area and then select copy from the menu.

Copying a URL

  • Chat Room Hints

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    About smiley's

    When typing in special characters, known as smiley's, in the chat room and forum, these will be replaced by real images as shown in the list below.

    Type Symbols to Display Picture

    Thought of any more ?
    Send suggestion to Webmaster
    (Include Small GIF if possible)

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